10 baby names that are popular in Germany right now we want to steal 3 months ago

10 baby names that are popular in Germany right now we want to steal

It might not be the first country you think of when it comes to where to turn for beautiful baby name inspo.

But actually, as it turns out, the German language has more than its fair share of beautiful baby names. In fact, some might even sound a bit familiar, as they are the German forms of popular monikers.

Curious what names are trending right now in Germany? Just take a look at these beauties:

1. Alida

This lovely feminine name comes from the name Adelaide which itself is the French form of the German name "Adalheidis."

2. Bastian

A shortened form of the more well-known name Sebastian.

3. Mila

Short and sweet in every way, and a very international name as such, as it is easy to pronounce in every language.


4. Ivo

Pronounced "EE-fo," the masculine name Ivo is derived from the German element "iv" which means "yew."

5. Corinna

This name comes from the Greek name Korinna, although the German version is pronounced as "ko-RI-nah."

6. Felix

We love this for a boy, and again, it's a great name in terms of being easy to pronounce and almsot impossible to shorten.

7. Anika

Pronounced "AH-nee-kah," this girl's name is the diminutive form of Anna which comes from the Hebrew name Channah meaning "grace."

8. Lorentz

This is the German form of Laurence, and a great choice if you want an alluring, German-sounding name that will still be somewhat familiar to others.

9. Emilie

So pretty, this girl name is currently riding high in the most popular charts in Germany. And you can call her Em for short.

10. Emil

This is the boy version of Emilie, and while popular in Germany, it was also the name of one of Swedish childrens' book author Astrid Lindgren's most popular characters.