10 baby names that are predicted to be VERY popular in 2021 – and the reason why 2 years ago

10 baby names that are predicted to be VERY popular in 2021 – and the reason why

There is about to be a baby-boom.

In early 2021, we'll see what people really got up to (or down to!) during lockdown, as maternity hospitals up and down the land are preparing themselves for a bit of a baby boom.

And if you are currently expecting your very own little lockdown baby, you might be keen to know what baby name trends are about to explode in the new year?

Needless to say, the global coronavirus lockdown seems to have inspired some new trends when it comes to naming babies, according to research by OnBuy.

The online marketplace collated a list of the most popular, high-profile names currently to determine their popularity potential. And according to their findings, searches for ‘coronavirus baby names’ have increased by 140 percent during the ongoing pandemic.

Another thing that apparently will serve as a big influencer when it comes to picking a baby name in 2021 is TV. Or, more correctly, Netflix. With so many households binge-watching shows during the lockdown period, names like Marty (from Ozark), Joe (Exotic) and Otis (from Sex Education) have all increased in searches recently. Yes, really.

In fairness, there really are some great Netflix names to be inspired by. Curious as to what you could go for? Take a look:

1. Chrishell

Selling Sunset


2. Pablo


3. Cameron

Love is Blind

4. Winston

The Crown

5. Amanza

Selling Sunset


6. Frankie

Grace & Frankie

7. Bode

Locke & Key

8. Romain

Selling Sunset

9. Judy

Dead To Me

10. Maya

Selling Sunset