10 baby names that prove slightly nerdy is actually pretty cool 9 months ago

10 baby names that prove slightly nerdy is actually pretty cool

Of all the responsibilities that come with a new baby, selecting a suitable name is pretty much your first major decision as a parent.

Traditional names are still going strong, but if you want to go a little more off the beaten path (and want to pay tribute to your favourite geeky character, maybe), we have rounded up some really good suggestions for you, we think?

Are you ready?

1. Clark

Just because you work at the newspaper and wear nerdy glasses doesn’t mean you aren’t Super in your own way...

2. Coraline

Got a love for Tim Burton style movies? You might recognize this name as one of his beloved lead characters. (We think it is actually super-cute and it lends itself well to be shortened to the very adorable 'Cora' too!)

3. Emmett

You are getting the Twilight reference, aren't you...?


4. Teyla

Of Stargate Atlantis fame, obvs.

5. Milton

Doesn't Milton just sound like the perfect combination of nerdy and cute?!

6. Leia

As in the princess with the iconic braided hair buns...

7. Harry

This name will forever conjure up magical associations.

8. Matilda

The little genius from the Roald Dahl books we all loved, of course.

9. Winston

He just sounds really brainy, doesn't he?

10. Persephone

If you know you mythology, you will know that Persephone was the daughter of Zeus – and also the goddess of spring.