10 gorgeous baby boy names with too perfect nicknames 11 months ago

10 gorgeous baby boy names with too perfect nicknames

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails in your future, mama?

Then you might be on the hunt for that perfect moniker right about now?

We think longer boy- names are about to have a moment, and the best thing about them is not only do they sound all sorts of cool and on-trend, you can also shorten them to less of a mouthful should you want to.

Want to know our favourites? These 10:

1. Alessandro

Perfect as is – or you could just call him Sandro for short – which, let's face it, is  also pretty darn cute.

2. Theodore

Precious! And you can call him Theo for short.

3. Finnigan

Adorbs – and his nickname Finn is equally cute.

4. Rafferty

He sounds so cool. And even cooler when you just shorten his moniker to Raf.

5. Leonardo

Hey Leo, wanna come play?

6. Harrison

Or, you know, just Harry to his pals.

7. Bennett

Can't you just picture a little Bennett?! We sure can. And when you know you can just call him Ben for short, well, it just got even better, didn't it?

8. Santino

Those Italians sure do have the best baby names around. Also – how cute is Tino for a nickname?!

9. Maxwell

We adore the name Maxwell. And Max is one heck of a good nickname too, as far as nicknames go.

10. Cyprian

Or just Cy to friends.

Have YOU got any long and lovely baby names to share with us, mamas? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie