10 rare, but really pretty baby names you'll fall in love with 2 months ago

10 rare, but really pretty baby names you'll fall in love with

There are many reasons to go for a name that is steeped in tradition and history when it comes to selecting a moniker for your newborn baby.

However, many parents would prefer more rare baby names, ensuring that their offspring won't have to share a name with half their class by the time they are old enough to start school.

And so, here goes. If traditional names aren't quite your thing, we have rounded up 10 really lovely, rare baby names for you to fall in love with:

1. Darian

It would have originally been used a a girl's name, but we think this moniker would work equally well as a name for a little boy.

2. Melina

It is thought to come from the Greek word 'Meli' which means 'honey', making it one sweet option when naming a brand new baby girl.

3. Fabian

This gorgeous moniker dates back to the ancient Roman family name Fabius, and we think it sounds all sorts of perfect for a modern day tot too.


4. Sage

This gorgeous-sounding name is being used for both boys and girls, and we think you'd better get in there quickly before it gets too popular.

5. Noe

If you love the name Noah, but want to avoid it as it has been topping all the name-charts the last few years, Noe (pronounced "NO-e,") might just be an option for you.

6. Viviana

Longer names are slowly coming back into fashion. Alternatively, you could go for the more French-sounding Vivienne.

7. Niko

Popular in countries like Finland, Germany, Slovenia, and Georgia, this boys' name is yet to reach popularity on our shores.

8. Harlow

Nicole Richie opted for this beautiful moniker for her first-born, and the name is though to have come from the Old English root words which roughly translate to either "rock hill" or "army hill".

9. Lennon

You might think of John Lennon when you hear this name, but Lennon was originally an Anglicised version of the Irish surname Ó Leannáin, which translates to "descendant of Leannán".

10. Lyra

This beautiful name comes from astronomy and is the name of a constellation of stars. Lyra is named after the lyre of the mythological figure Orpheus, who created music so beautiful that he was able to convince the god of the underworld to allow him to bring his deceased wife back to the land of the living.