10 unusual (but SO gorgeous) baby boy names we are swooning over now 3 years ago

10 unusual (but SO gorgeous) baby boy names we are swooning over now

Expecting a little prince of your very own soon, and unsure of what to call him?

Getting the name right is a big deal, and while some mums and dads want to go down the route of more traditional names for their new bundle, others are keen to come up with a name that sounds fresh and unique.

If you fall into the latter category, how about any of these cool boy names, that you can pretty much rest assure your little dude won't have to share with any of his mates in Montessori:

1. Calix

We think this Greek name will catch on – so get in there first!

2. Jago

Now here's a dashing alternative to overused favorite Jacob.

3. Grayson

We love how you can shorten it to Gray too.


4. Kai

If this polynesian moniker (meaning 'ocean') is good enough for Coleen Rooney, it's good enough for us.

5. Skyler

You can just imagine all the other kids clambering to be besties with this guy.

6. Dax

Names containing an 'X' are big at the present, and Dax just sounds all sorts of cool, no?

7. Angelo

Adele chose this sweet name for her little tot, meaning is already has a celeb stamp of approval.

8. Ash

He will have his own band one day, we think.

9 Indigo

This colourful name gets even better when you realize you can shorten it to the adorable 'Indy'.

10. Joah

For when Joseph is too traditional and Noah is too done, try out this lesser-known Biblical name. It means “fraternity,” making it a great choice for a new brother, no?

What do YOU think, parents? Any of these names good enough for your little boy? Join in the baby name conversation with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie