10 vintage baby names for your little bundle of joy 2 years ago

10 vintage baby names for your little bundle of joy

Naming the baby can be as fraught as it is fun.

The Man and I couldn't agree on anything, natch. I was also receiving the most outlandish suggestions from my mother who I thought would have reasonably conservative taste, not so. Aeneas anyone? Didn't think so, it kind of rhymes with penis doesn't it?


And any time I mused on a name to any of my friends they would immediately ruin the name by saying something like, "I knew a Daisy once, she was the biggest slut." Great there goes Daisy out of the running.

In the end I went with a name that was unusual-ish without being too celeb-baby wacky and that according to my research was last popular in the 1800s. This I believe is a good route to finding a cute name that won't lead to your child being referred to a "Jack 4" or "Emily 19" in school.

Ten vintage baby names to inspire you

1. Alvin

Origin: English

Meaning: "Noble friend, friend of the elves"

Famous namesake: Well the chipmunks spring to mind.

2. Clyde

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: It's the name of a river in Glasgow, Scotland

Famous namesake: Well as one half of the crime duo Bonnie & Clyde you may be setting the child up for infamy...let's hope not.

3. Elmo

Origin: Italian from German

Meaning: "Protector"

Famous namesake: The bab will be in esteemed company in the shape of Elmo of Sesame Street and Saint Elmo patron saint of sailors.

4. Melvin

Origin: Scottish/English

Meaning: "council protector"

Famous namesake: Melvin Bragg, English polymath and all-round over-achiever. A good role model for any kid..

5. Stanley

Origin: English

Meaning: "Near the stony clearing"

Famous namesake: Kubrick, Tucci, Stan Lee – All Stanleys we know and admire

6. Edith

Origin: English

Meaning: "Prosperous in war"

Famous namesake: Edith Piaf and Edith Wharton are two trailblazing "Ediths" to provide role models for little Ediths everywhere. Maybe don't show your little Edith Grey Gardens though.

7. Imogen

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: "Maiden"

Famous namesake: British singer-songwriter, Imogen Heap formerly of Frou Frou.

8. Matilda

Origin: German

Meaning: "Battle mightly"

Famous namesake: Probably our favourite Roald Dahl character of all time.

9. Clementine

Origin: French

Meaning: " Mild, merciful"

Famous namesake: Apart from "My darling Clementine" there's not too many famous ones kicking around.

10. Sylvia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: "From the forest"

Famous namesake: The doomed Plath does spring to mind, but there're many happy connotations for this feminine name also.