11 beautiful baby names with a slightly bohemian vibe 1 month ago

11 beautiful baby names with a slightly bohemian vibe


Or, just a fan of planning ahead until a time when you might be?

Either way; we are certain you love a good baby name list as much as we do. So if you are on the hunt for a seriously pretty and slightly bohemian name for your bundle, whether imminent or in the future, we think you will like these ones:

1. Marlowe

The Princess of Boho chic (circa 2004), Sienna Miller, gave her daughter this name, and so naturally we love it too.

2. Ezra

Actually a Biblical name, Ezra has suddenly enjoyed a renewed boost in popularity – and it is easy to see why.

3. Lila

Short and sweet, this Hebrew name actually means 'night.' Also, it is worth mentioning that it is the name that Queen of Cool, Kate Moss, bestowed upon her own daughter.


4. Sonny

Sonny is such a summery and lovely name to pick for your little guy – no wonder former reality star and fashion designer Whitney Port recently chose it for her firstborn son.

5. Calliope

Pronounced Kah-ly-ah-pee (same ending as Penelope, if that helps), Calliope was the Greek muse of epic/heroic poetry. And also, the musical instrument on the merry-go-round. Apart from that, we think it is one amazing-sounding name for a little girl.

6. Asher

Originally a Biblical name (Asher was one of Jacob’s 12 sons), this moniker has suddenly seen a jump in popularity in the US and is said to mean 'fortunate, blesed and happy' – all good things to have people associate with your child, we think. Also, we love how it can be shortened to 'Ash' – super cute!

7. Indie

While India has become a popular destination-inspired moniker the last few years, we think Indie is – if possible – even prettier.


8. Rafe

Rafe is a variant of the name Ralph, but just sounds that little bit more off-beat, we think. Historically, Ralph comes from the Norse word for 'Wolf', and so Rafe can be taken to have the same meaning.

9. Evie

This pretty name means 'life' and while often used as a nickname for monikers like Evelyn and Evangeline, we think Evie is totally solid as a name in its own right.

10. Lennon

Music-lovers will no doubt have a soft spot for this lovely-sounding boy (or girl!) moniker.

11. Soleil

Inspired by the sun itself, you cannot help but feel this French girl's name is filled with sunshine.