11 beautiful baby names that will never feel too modern (or too dated) 2 years ago

11 beautiful baby names that will never feel too modern (or too dated)

Pregnant or just collecting names for your future babies?

Well, then we have some seriously gorgeous monikers to add to your list.

These Portuguese baby names are so, so chic (and has that slight unusual vibe we love, meaning that you won't end up having a child named the same as the rest of his class in school).

Our current favourites:

1. Matilde

Like Matilda, but with a slightly more unique ending.

2. Leandro

Bonus: You'll get to call him 'Leo' for short.

3. Serafina

Inspired by an order of six-winged angels known as "the fiery ones," we think this is one pretty name for a little girl.

4. Abel

We love Abel for a short, sweet, and strong name


5. Sabelia

If longer and elegant names are your thing.

6. Roque

If you have been considering a cool name like Rocco, we think you might love the slightly less familiar Roque too.

7. Clementina

We adore this Latin take on Clementine.

8. Ines

If you love vintage-sounding names, this is one of the most stylish options around.

9. Estela

Estela means celestial, which evokes a strength of spirit, goodwill, and beauty.

10. Enzo

Cute and – for those of you who can't stand nicknames – pretty much impossible to shorten.

11. Leonor

We love this elegant girl's name (also, fyi, the name of one of the little princesses in Spain).