11 "old man" names that are actually really adorable for your baby boy 3 years ago

11 "old man" names that are actually really adorable for your baby boy

Vintage and wonderful!

There is a lot to be said for picking a baby name that has an old-world swung to it, guys – as in classics are classic for a reason, you know.

And just because you don't have a granddad with a great vintage moniker doesn't mean you can't throw back to one of these classics when it comes to naming your newborn little man.

Are you ready? Here are 11 old-man names that would also be totally fabulous on your modern-day dude:

1. Leonard

Meaning: Hardy lion. (Also, lends itself lovely to the gorgeous nickname that is Leo!)

2. Linus

Meaning: Flaxen-haired. Linus is a popular boy name is Sweden, and we can totally see why.

3. Arthur


Meaning: Strong as a bear. The name Arthur is a Celtic baby name, and we think Artie is one helluva cute nickname.

4. Desmond

Meaning: Gracious defender. (Need something a little shorter? How does Des sound?)

5. Alfred

Meaning: Sage and wise. Alfie makes a pretty cute nickname, too. Just sayin’.

6. Martin

Meaning: War-like. (Goes by Marty for short – obvs)

7. Harry


Meaning: Ruler of the house. (Plus we totally love the Prince Harry reference...)

8. Theodore

Meaning: God’s gift. And Theo is only the cutest goddamn nickname on this planet.

9. Samuel

Meaning: Biblical name meaning 'Heard of God; asked of God.' Sammy is adorbs for a little dude, we think.

10. Clarence

Meaning: From the surname and place name Clare. Clarence is an old classic English baby name, and we are open for suggestions when it comes to how you would shorten it!

11. Stanley

Meaning: Lives by the stony grove. Shorter version? Stan, of course.

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