11 under-the-radar (but tres adorable) French baby names you need to know about 1 year ago

11 under-the-radar (but tres adorable) French baby names you need to know about

Let's just agree that pretty much anything sounds better in French, no?

And if you are anything like us, you will be in love with all things Gallic too, from the wine to the cheese, and let's not forget their impeccable style and very sleek way of parenting.

And guess what, the French – rather unsurprisingly – are pretty flipping good at coming up with gorgeous baby names too.

So hurry up and bookmark these, whether you are pregnant now or just planning ahead for the future:

1. Talon

We just think this name has some serious style, no?

2. Mattie

Perfectly cute for your little filles, we think.

3. Porter


OK, so this is only our current fashion mag of late (and shopping destination, obvs!), but Porter ('porte' means 'door' in French) is also one fabulous name for a stylish little dude.

4. Abella

This beautiful girl's name means 'breath,' and we simply think it sounds all sorts of amazing.

5. Aimery

Aimery is a classic French boy's name, and we think it sounds perfect for modern-day babes too.

6. Reine

Pronounced "rhen," not 'rain,' this name means Queen – meaning it is all sorts of perfect for your new little ruler.

7. Amoux


Baby names ending in 'x' are still SO cool, and when we add in that this moniker actually means 'eagle wolf' well, let's just say; it doesn't get cooler than that.

8. Zuria

Old-school French girl name that we think are ripe for a comeback.

9. Searle

Cool name meaning 'manly' in French.

10. Roux

This name means 'red' – as in the colour – and is a unisex choice for your new little bundle.

11. Leonce

Leo and Leon are both getting pretty popular, but did you know Leonce also means 'Lion'? It just hasn't been discovered by the masses – yet.

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