11 stunning baby names that scream class and expensive taste 4 months ago

11 stunning baby names that scream class and expensive taste

There is no end to what can inspire us when it comes to picking a moniker for our little bundles. For some new parents tradition dictate, for others trends win out.

If you are a mama (or dad) who like the finer things in life, we think this list of high class baby names might be perfect for you.

As in; name your baby one of these precious monikers, and you are merely showing the world your excellent taste:

1. Tag

Perfect for your little boy, the name Tag is. of course, inspired by Tag Heuer, the Swiss maker of prestigious sports watches and chronographs.

2. Tiffany

Some of the most amazing – and expensive – gifts arrive in those iconic little blue boxes...

3. Jaguar

It isn't for everyone to name their little bundle after a sports car, but you can't deny that Jaguar makes for one cool moniker.


4. Furla

After those really cute handbags and leather goods, obvs.

5. Van

Not only a gem of a cool name, Van is – for those of you not in the know – inspired by Van Cleef & Arpels, the jewelry brand that defines luxury.

6. Vera

After the one and only Vera Wang.

7. Jacob

Yes, there are plenty of Jacobs about, but are they claiming to be names after THE Marc Jacaobs?


8. Gari

Pretty, unique and inspired by Italian jewelry brand Bulgari.

9. Lexus

Another sports car that could actually make for a really cool name too. Oh; and you can call him 'Lex' for short.

10. Cartier

We don't know about you, but we think any little lady named 'Cartier' is bound for fame and fortune.

11. Winston

If you have ever watched the Oscar's on TV; chances are the stars you are admiring are dripping in Harry Winston jewelry.

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