12 baby names to consider if you don't want your child to share a name with half of their class 3 weeks ago

12 baby names to consider if you don't want your child to share a name with half of their class

Gone are the days when parenthood meant that your life from this day forward would consist but 'mum-jeans' and conversations about poop patterns and playdates.

These days, it is totally achievable (isn't it?!) to hang onto your street-cred cool while also pushing a pram around. And if you fancy a family life that reflects just how young and hip you still are, start by picking a baby name that reflects just that.

Here are some of our current favourite cool kid monikers (and you'll thank us when junior won't be one of seven in his class with the same name in a few years' time!):

1. Juniper

Meaning: Juniper tree.

The flora-thing is totally on point these days (hence the trillion Rose's and Lily's running around).

2. Serenity

Meaning: peaceful disposition.

Yoga-mums rejoice, apart from calling your kid 'Namaste', we think Serenity is as good as it gets.

3. Brixton

Meaning: Brixton is a district of London.

With a name like Brixton, we reckon parents will be scheduling playdates months in advance, hoping some of your kid's uber-cool will rub off on their own offspring.

4. Aspen

Meaning: quaking tree.

Love to Facebook-brag about how you went skiing over the holidays? This is the name for you. (Or your baby, we mean).

5. Wren

Meaning: A wren is a bird

Hipsters will love this name (and in fairness; we do too.)

6. Cressida

Meaning: gold.

This sounds so new and fresh (and we love the fact that His Royal Hotness, Prince Harry, dated a Cressida!), but it is in fact a 3000 year old Greek name. And also, the Hunger Games reference is not lost either.

7. Blair

Meaning: "Dweller on the plain."

Blair Waldorf. Enough said.

8. Fallon

Meaning: From the Irish surname O'Fallamhain

Foodies will know the health food haven that is Fallon & Byrne on Dublin's Exchequer Street, and we think this moniker is totally on point as a first name too.

9. Huxley

Meaning: inhospitable place.

We can't even with this one. Any kid named Huxley is bound to be an absolute legend, no?

10. Cadence

Meaning: Rhythm.

We think the world will agree that this one is a winner.

11. Finley

Meaning: "fair-haired warrior."

This girl's name fresh and fun, we think.

12. Scout

Meaning. Unknown

Because Scott is just so vanilla (and Volvo-driving suburbian).

What do YOU think, guys? Are you hipster enough for these? Join the baby name conversation with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie