12 INSANE Baby Names That'll Make You Go "Ehhhhhh, WHAT The...!" 2 years ago

12 INSANE Baby Names That'll Make You Go "Ehhhhhh, WHAT The...!"

Some people really go to town when it comes to naming their babies, picking the most off-the-charts, unique moniker for their little bundle. Gone are the days when tradition told you to name your new baby after a relative, and now the world is literally your oyster when it comes to picking a baby name.

Which some people really just seem to take a little bit to literal. (North West, we are looking at you – or your parents, more precisely). In some countries, naming laws are much stricter and way weirder. New Zealand, for instance, says no to names with backlashes, and Germany forbids names that don't clearly ascribe gender.

But other places, (particularly the US) they have some surprisingly lenient policies around naming a child. Which can lead to some rather, eh, interesting choices.

Here are some names we think really would have deserved a second (or third or fourth!) thought:

1. Nutella

In France one couple recently got the axe for trying to name their child after the world's favorite chocolate spread. But in the US, however, couples name their kids after their favorite brands all the time. Here are some that were recently registered: Cartier, Chanel, Dior, L'Oreal, Armani and Nike.

2. Messiah

A Tennessee judge recently  told two parents that they couldn't name their child Messiah. However, the judge's request to deny Messiah his birth name was later overturned because of religious bias, and the child joined the ranks of several thousand others with the name. We feel people might have some unreasonable expectations to this guy!

3. Porsche

Well, if Mercedes can do it...

4. Winner and Loser

We're not even joking about this one. Parents from Harlem actually used these names for their twin babies.

5. Hashtag

A couple in San Francisco named their first-born Hashtag – we can't wait for his sister, Retweet, to come along!

6. @

No, guys, this is NOT a typo. A Chinese couple wanted to dub their son "@." But at least they had a sweet reason mind: In Chinese, @ is pronounced ai-ta, which is very similar to a phrase that means "love him". Okaaaay then, we'll let them away with that one.

7. Adolf Hitler

A New Jersey couple actually named their son Adolf Hitler Campbell — and his poor sister JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell. Guess what? The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services ended up intervening. Shocker.

8. Facebook

In Mexico, a judge recently banned the name Facebook, but an Egyptian dad dubbed his little girl with the same name, and got away with it.

9. Lucifer

We feel like it is a little bit poor form to brand your child with the name of Antichrist, no?

10. Cheese

Three UK babies were bestowed this moniker last year. We feel like they all need siblings called either Smelly or Chutney.

11. Panda

There are no words for this one. Really.

12. Kiwi

Well, if Gwyneth got away with Apple....

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