12 Refreshing Baby Names Inspired By Your Favourite Alcoholic Beverages 6 years ago

12 Refreshing Baby Names Inspired By Your Favourite Alcoholic Beverages

Phew, choosing a baby name can be an overwhelming task.

When it comes to places to draw your inspiration from, don't limit yourself, we say. And if you have already considered names inspired by nature, literature or mythology, sure why not turn to your favourite tipple too.

Not sure if cocktails will make for good baby names? Think again!

1. Skyy

Popular vodka brand Skyy makes for one great unisex moniker, and will no doubt suit hipster parents down to the ground.

2. Grey

If you love a glass of Grey Goose vodka, sure this name is nothing short of perfect, no?

3. Margarita

Is there anything more refreshing than this name (and cocktail)?!


4. Cristal

As in the famous Champagne brand.

5. Hennessy

Like a good, classic cognac, we think this name is right for anyone.

6. Sherry

If this is your favourite tipple, chances are you will love the name too.

7. Dom

Now, who doesn't appreciate some Dom PĂ©rignon?!


8. Bailey

Cute and perfect for both boys and girls!

9. Jameson

The last-name-used-as-first-name trend isn't going anywhere, it seems, and seriously; how cool is Jameson?!

10. Brandy

This one is obvs already a name, and if it is also your favourite tipple, sure what are you waiting for?!

11. Belle

If you (like us) cannot resist a bellini with your brunch, we can't think of anything sweeter to call your baby girl than Belle.

12. Tia

While it might be a bit much to lumber your little one with the full Tia Maria, we think just Tia is pretty darn perfect.

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