13 oh-so-beautiful baby names that are inspired by spring 7 months ago

13 oh-so-beautiful baby names that are inspired by spring

Spring has most definitively sprung.

And if you are approaching your due date right soon, you might want to go for something sunny (and seasonal) when it comes to naming that bundle of yours?

If this sounds like you, we have rounded up 10 really lovely and spring-inspired baby names, perfect for any baby born between now and Easter.

1. Primrose

Easter (and spring) is a time for gorgeous and colorful flowers that symbolise the beginning of spring and rebirth, and we think this one os all sorts of pretty.

2. Petal

If it is good enough for Jools and Jamie, it is good enough for us.

3. Sage

Herbal and sweet, this unisex moniker reminds us of sage-green – the perfect hue for spring, we think.

4. Pascale

This is, in fact, the French name for Easter (only ten times prettier than in English, obvs. Trust the French!)

5. Lavernia

This is also a French name for baby girls, literally meaning 'born in spring.'

6. Caldwell

English boy name meaning “from the cold spring”

7. Anemone

A truly delicate and lovely flower which also makes a perfect name for a little spring baby girl.

8. Brooke

Babbling brooks will make anyone think of spring, but we think the spelling with an added “e” is far prettier. While mostly used a girl's name, we think Brooke is also perfect for a baby boy.

9. Aurora

Latin for “new dawn”…a fresh start.

10. Denver

Yes, it's a place, but it also means 'green valley' – which is pretty spring-y, no?

11. Mae

This pretty moniker is actually a French name meaning “goddess of spring growth.”

12. Rain

Yes, spring (hopefully) means more sunshine, but let's not forget the old "April showers bring May flowers" saying either. And also, we think Rain is one cool and totally unisex name too.

13. Aviv

This Hebrew name literally means “spring”, straight to the point.