15 stunning baby names inspired by beautiful geographical destinations 1 month ago

15 stunning baby names inspired by beautiful geographical destinations

While we are waiting to travel again..

Waiting for a little 2021 baby? Then you might have started thinking about what to call him or her when they arrive.

If you are anything like us, you are seriously missing holidays and travel after the disaster that was 2020. And did you know, there are some really beautiful baby names out there inspired by gorgeous destinations across the globe?

Maybe you could name your little one after your favourite place? Your dream holiday destination? The place you have a special connection to?

Just take a look at these gorgeous monikers:

1. Cali

Inspired by sunny California.

2. Paris

Oh, how we can't wait to travel to the City of Lights once more.


3. London

He'll be a cool kid, named after a cool city.

4. Savannah

So much southern charm.

5. Rio

Doesn't it just bring up mental pictures of beaches, carnival and far-flung travel?

6. Byron

After the boho haven that is Byron Bay, Australia.


7. India

A beautiful name after a beautiful country.

8. Bronx

An urban name after our very favourite (New York) city.

9. Sierra

A bit like the more common Sienna, but slightly more unique.

10. Austin

Austin, Texas, is a city known for music, food and fun – and we think it makes an awesome baby name too.


11. Alexandria

And you could call her Alex for short, obvs.

12. Santiago

Eva Longoria opted for this cool moniker for her son – using Santi for short.

13. Raleigh

A city in North Carolina – and a gorgeous name for little girls too.

14. Hudson

It's a city in upstate New York – and also a really cool unisex name.

15. Elia

A place in Greece – and a very pretty name too!