16 elegant and unusual Norman inspired names that will take you back in time 2 years ago

16 elegant and unusual Norman inspired names that will take you back in time

Looking for something unique with a classic twist?

Irish history has been heavily influenced by other cultures over the centuries and one of the biggest influences on our country's history were the Normans.

Originating from Normandy, the Normans travelled across Europe with many, including the famous Richard de Clare (otherwise known as Strongbow) settling in Ireland.

Many members of my family, my children included, have names influenced by Norman culture as do many Irish families as they have become assimilated into Irish culture. There are some Norman-Esque names that haven't quite landed in the common vernacular and some of them are really beautiful.

If you're a parent-to-be looking for something that little bit different why not try one of these Norman inspired names perfect for boys and girls.

  1. Aalis - (an alternative form of Alice) meaning noble
  2. Richard - meaning brave
  3. Isabé - meaning godly 
  4. William - meaning devoted protector
  5. Joyce - meaning rejoice 
  6. Tielo - meaning of the people
  7. Fleurine - meaning flower
  8. Eric - meaning eternal ruler
  9. Jennîn - meaning gracious
  10. Myles - meaning proud soldier
  11. Aungéle - (an alternative form of Angela) meaning angel
  12. Ruger - meaning famous spear
  13. Félicitaé - meaning happiness
  14. Geoffroi - meaning peaceful
  15. Elyzée - meaning god's oath
  16. Âbréhan - (an alternative form of Abraham) meaning father to many