17 cool baby names you haven't heard a million times before 4 months ago

17 cool baby names you haven't heard a million times before

It's so tricky, isn't it?

Finding a great name, that is. Making sure half the world (or his future school class) isn't called the same. Oh, and actually managing to agree on it with other person involved in making said baby.

If this is you at present, fear not. We have rounded up some really pretty – many of them totally unisex – baby names that are not only lovely, but also unusual enough for your little bundle to be pretty unique in having it.

Are you ready?

1. Bexley

Could totally work for boy or girl, and we like how you can shorten it to 'Bex'.

2. Bronwyn

LOVE this girl name SO much.

3. Kingsley

You can call him King for short.

4. Lucca

Luca is a great boy name, but we think Lucca is really pretty for a little girl.

5. Corban

We just like the sound of this one.

6. Edie

How sweet is Edie?!

7. Rylan

Again, could work for boys and girl.

8. Emerson

Also unisex – and 'Em' is a pretty great nick name, we think.

9. Wyatt

If it is good enough for Ashton and Mila...

10. Marlowe

Sienna Miller went with Marlowe for her little girl.

11. Westley

We love the Princess Bride link with this one.

12. Emil

Very popular boy name in Sweden, and a character in the Astrid Lindgren series with the same name.

13. Amory

Perfect for a little girl, we think.

14. Willa

Too cute!

15. Grayson

You can call him 'Gray' for short.

16. Wren

It sounds like a classic, we think.

17. Elsy

Elsa is pretty, but there will no doubt be a million Elsa's in the years to come (thanks, Disney!), so we think the slightly different sounding Elsy is a total winner.

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