20 beautiful and unusual baby names inspired by the night 2 months ago

20 beautiful and unusual baby names inspired by the night

These are stunning.

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your child you can go one of two ways.

Go with something traditional, maybe a family name or go for something very different and unique.

Something that I've seen a lot of parents do lately is to take inspiration from their favourite things whether it be their favourite season or even favourite place.

I love starry skies and the full moons so I decided to look up and make a list for other star gazing parents filled with gorgeous names inspired by the night.

Below are 20 baby names that I think you'll love.




  1. Amaya (Japanese): This name of Japanese origin means "night rain"
  2. Asra (Arabic): This name means "travels at night". It can also be spelled Isra.
  3. Cynthia (Greek): Another name for the moon goddess, Artemis, in Greek mythology.
  4. Estelle (French): This French take on Stella means "star"
  5. Hesper (Greek): A more specific star name, this one means "evening star".
  6. Layla (Arabic): Most of us will know this Arabic name meaning "night" as the title of an Eric Clapton song, but it originally comes from the Persian and Arabic story of Layla and Majnun. Also spelled Leila or Laila.
  7. Luna (Latin): Familiar to any Harry Potter fans, this Roman name means "moon".
  8. Nisha (Sanskrit): A sweet Sanskrit name meaning "night"
  9. Rhiannon (Welsh): The name of the goddess of the moon in Welsh mythology
  10. Twyla (American): This modern invention means"twilight"


  1. Ciaran (Irish): This name meaning "dark" can be night-related, but can also be used to mean that a person is dark-haired
  2. Izar (Basque): Another Basque-origin name, this one means "star"
  3. Luan (Portuguese): This is an original Portuguese name meaning "moon", but it's an anagram of the girls' name Luna, another moon name, as well.
  4. Orion (Greek): Although originally meaning "dweller on the mountain", it's usually associated with the constellation Orion, and belonged to a hunter in Greek mythology.
  5. Sterling (Old English): An English name meaning "little star", it can also mean of high quality.
  6. Indigo (English): This English name is the colour of the night sky, a dark, inky blue. Can also work for a girl.
  7. Vesper (Latin): Latin name meaning evening.
  8. Nox (Latin): Not just a Harry Potter spell it is also a name meaning "night"
  9. Blake (Old English): This name means "dark"
  10. Nadir (Arabic): The sun's nadir, or lowest point, is also called solar midnight.