20 gorgeous baby names that are back with a BANG 3 years ago

20 gorgeous baby names that are back with a BANG

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With millennial parents being increasingly creative (or flat out crazy) when it comes to naming their offspring, it is almost hard to believe that more classic monikers are also still trending.

But believe it if you will, word on the street is that classic names are in fact about to make a BIG comeback.

So if you want to make sure you get in there first, here are our TOP 10 picks of classic (and gorgeous!) names for your new bundle:


For baby boys:

1. Oliver

This gorgeous name is quite a traditional one but had been missing from the popularity charts for a while before quickly rising up again from the mid-1980s. Oliver means “olive tree” and is just as trendy and timeless as the female form, Olivia.

2. Byron


Meaning "at the byres," this name comes from Old English. We think it sounds chic and modern, and yet has classical roots. A winner, for sure.

3. Harry

Prince Harry (his royal HOTNESS). Harry Potter. There are SO many reasons to pick this great and classy moniker for your little heir.

4. Arthur

This ancient name is reminiscent of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

5. Porter

This English name means "gatekeeper."

6. Oscar


Oscar is a strong name meaning “God spear” or “champion warrior.” For the celebrity factor, Hugh Jackman's son is called Oscar, as it Gillian Anderson's.

7. Eli

This biblical name means “uplifted” and has a unique sound.

8. Levi

Similar to Eli, this one is a biblical name too, and becoming increasingly popular in countries like the US and England, as well as in Scandinavia.

9. Nathan

Nathan is an Old Testament name that is strong, solid and attractive.

10. Theodore


Classic, lovely and can be shortened to the gorgeous Theo. We LOVE.


For your little girl:

1. Rose

This old-timey flower name is often used as a middle name these days, especially among celebrities. For instance, Chris Hemsworth’s daughter is India Rose and Kelly Clarkson’s daughter is River Rose. We still think it makes for one sweet first name too, though.

2. Hazel

This lovely fresh nature name is a perfect moniker for your little darling. The name has celebrity approval too, with both Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt having chosen the name for their daughters.

3. Ruby


Ruby is a vintage beauty of a name with lots of appeal. Perfect for your little gemstone.

4. Eleanor

Eleanor is a name that exudes femininity and elegance, we think.

5. Stella

Stella (we love how it means "star") was popular before the 16th century until the 1940s. It then dropped significantly in rankings until the mid 90s when it began to trend again. We think this is one totally chic name for your very own little star!

6. Sadie

Sadie was originally used as a pet name for Sarah, but is today a name of its own. Sadie means "princess" and has experienced a huge surge in popularity over the past 40 years.

7. Lillian

Surprisingly, Lillian is now more popular than Lilly for baby girls in the US, and we think it won't be long before we follow suit here on our own shores. A classic.

8. Evelyn

This pretty moniker means “wished for child” and is one of the fastest rising names of 2014 in Canada and the US. Not only is the name stylish in itself, but it also has a number of sweet nicknames including Eve, Eva and Evie.

9. Amelia

Often associated with the famous female aviator Amelia Earhart, we think this one could be a real high-flyer name for your little bundle.

10. Charlotte

Anything Kate Middleton does, the rest of the world wants to do too. Ever since the new British princess was given the name Charlotte, it has skyrocketed in popularity. But apart from little Ms Cambridge, the name also makes us think of "Charlotte's Web" - one of the most beloved children's books in the world.