The 2016 Top Baby Name Trend Is HERE: Here's How to Totally Nail It 7 years ago

The 2016 Top Baby Name Trend Is HERE: Here's How to Totally Nail It

Are you currently rocking a bump or have just welcomed an as-of-yet-unnamed little bundle of joy?

If you are still unsure of what moniker to go for, you might want to know that one of the absolute biggest trends this year when it comes to baby names has a lot to do with the modern times we are living in. Say hello to post-gender names – so unisex that have completely moved beyond gender labels. Unsure of what this mean? Well, unisex names like Charlie, Hayden, Tatum, and Harper all fit the bill, breaching gender constructs that back in the day to a much larger degree would have helped shape a child's identity.

And if the post-gender trend sounds like something you might opt, you are in luck, because The New York Times just published three rules you really need to stick to that will help you find the perfect post-gender moniker for your brand new little family member:

1. Think beyond traditional names The secret to finding a gender-neutral name lies in looking to the places, words, and objects that don't have assigned genders to begin with. By definition, these names "transcend gender and can work equally well for girls or boys," writes the New York Times. "There's no reason that Arrow can't be a girl's name and Alaska a boy's.

2. Cross gender lines with family honor names For many, carrying on a traditional family name is very important when welcoming a new baby. Fortunately, the same rules that apply to places, words, and objects also apply to honor names. "Your daughter can get you dad's name James in the middle, and your son can be called O'Keeffe after your favorite artist," explains The New York Times.

3 Look at the numbers The only foolproof way to select a truly gender-neutral name is to consult the boy-to-girl ratio for any given name.


Loving the idea of a unisex name? Here is some more inspiration for you: