22 baby names that are perfect for your little superhero 2 years ago

22 baby names that are perfect for your little superhero

Finding the perfect name for your bundle can be tough.

And while you're considering what could be the perfect moniker, it's easy to see inspiration in just about anywhere - from your day-to-day life to what movies are hitting the big screen.

From some cinematic classics to the animated Disney tales, there's no shortage of possible names out there.

But with the Marvel and DC cinematic universe constantly expanding, more and more parents are turning to superheroes in an effort to find the perfect moniker.

So we've rounded up some of our favourites that would be just perfect for your little superhero.



  • Barbara
    • As in Barbara Gordon, aka: Batgirl.
  • Diana
    • As in Diana Prince, aka: Wonder Woman.
  • Gwen
    • As in Gwen Stacy, aka: Spiderman's girlfriend/Spider-Gwen.
  • Harley (or Quinn)
    • As in Dr Harleen Quinzel, aka: Harley Quinn.
  • Kara
    • As in Kara Zor-El, aka:  Supergirl.
  • Natasha
    • As in Natasha Romanova, aka: The Black Widow.
  • Selina
    • As in Selina Kyle, aka: Catwoman.
  • Carol
    • As in Carol Danvers; aka: Captain Marvel.
  • Pepper
    • As in Pepper Potts, aka: the CEO of Stark Industries.
  • Raven
    • As in Mystique, aka: the blue shape-shifter from the X-Men series.
  • Scarlet
    • As in Wanda Maximoff, aka: the Avengers' Scarlet Witch.


  • Bruce
    • As in Bruce Wayne, aka: Batman.
  • Logan
    • As in James Howlett, aka: Wolverine.
  • Parker
    • As in Peter Parker, aka: Spiderman.
  • Remy
    • As in Remy LeBeau, aka: X-Men's Gambit.
  • Kent
    • As in Clark Kent, aka:  Superman's alter-ego.
  • Xavier
    • As in Charles Xavier, aka: the leader of the X-Men.
  • Grayson
    • As in Dick Grayson, aka: Robin.
  • Oliver
    • As in Oliver Queen; aka: Green Arrow.
  • Quill
    • As in Peter Quill, aka: Guardians of the Galaxy's Star Lord.
  • Wade
    • As in Wade Wilson, aka: Deadpool.
  • Reed
    • As in Reed Richards, aka: Mr. Fantastic.