8 gorgeous autumnal baby names beginning with the letter 'A' 2 years ago

8 gorgeous autumnal baby names beginning with the letter 'A'

Are you expecting a little one in the next couple of months?

If you are and haven't decided on a name for your baby girl or boy yet then we're here to help.

We are well and truly into Autumn now with the leaves beginning to fall from the trees. The days are starting to get shorter, and the build up to Halloween is only around the corner.

So if you are due a new arrival this season, here's a number of autumnal baby names that we think would be a perfect fit for him or her.

Boys names:

Ash -  Typically a nickname for a boy, Ash is of English origin and yes, means 'ash tree'. It is the perfect choice if you want your little one to have a one syllable name.

Andrea - This Italian name is known for being strong and manly on the continent. It is basically the Italian version of the name Andrew.

Alexander - This strong Greek name means 'defender of the people' and proved to be quite popular last year. If you like the idea of giving your son a nickname, then this is a name you could go for because there's a long list of variations.


Adam - Meaning 'son of the red earth' and of Hebrew origin, Adam is quite an old school and cool name for a boy.

Girls names:

Ava - The meaning of Ava is 'life'. It is one of those names that features in the list of top 10 girls names year after year, and if you're looking for a glamorous name for your little one then you've found it.

Aurelia - This name is of Latin origin and means 'the golden one'. It's not as popular as other names beginning with 'A' but it has a beautiful ring to it.

Anna - Anna is a name that has crossed many cultural borders. It stands for 'grace' and is a variation of the name Hannah.

Adele - Adele is of French origin and is a very 'noble' name. It is a blast from the past and is also very famous thanks to the gorgeous English singer-songwriter.