9 Unique Baby Names Inspired By Nature 3 years ago

9 Unique Baby Names Inspired By Nature

Searching for a baby name? 

When it comes to deciding whether your little offspring will be honoured with an old-fashioned name (Rosie, Emily, Arthur), a hipster name (Xavier, Harper, Flynn) or maybe a good solid name (James, Sarah, David), chances are you and your partner will not agree on every single one.

So, for anyone due a baby in this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, how about a name inspired by Mother Nature:

1. Dahlia

The name Dahlia has numerous nature connotations: it has a Swedish and Scandinavian origin meaning 'valley'. It's also a flower named after the 18th-century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. In Arabic cultures, the name is pronounced Dalia, which means grape vine.

Who has this name? – Israeli writer, Dahlia Ravikovitch

2. Aria

There’s a touch of lightness in the name Aria – it's Italian for 'air' and Hebrew for 'lioness'. It also holds a musical connotation, used extensively in the context of opera. In India, this name is also spelled Arya, which means noble warrior and is mostly used to name boys.

Who has this name? – Actress, Aria Curzon (of The Land Before Time fame) or Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.


3. Iris

The colourful name Iris finds its origin in Greek mythology where it means 'goddess of the rainbow'. Taking inspiration from the Greek meaning of the name, Iris is also used to define the colored part of the eye.

Who has this name? – British novelist, Iris Murdoch


4. Savanna

Alternatively spelled Savannah, this name is of Spanish origin where it means a 'grassy plain'. It has refreshing, positive connotations; it's also the name of a Georgian city and river in America where it's extremely popular. It's also big in Australia and Canada.

Who has this name? – Journalist, Savannah Clark Guthrie


5. Isla

This dainty name originates from the Scottish island named Islay. There are also two rivers named after Isla in Scotland. It has gained popularity of late in the United States, England, and New Zealand.

Who has this name? –  Actress, Isla Fisher


6. Linden

The English name Linden comes from the Linden (lime) tree and is considered a gender-neutral name. People also opt for variations like Lynden and Lyndon. Though the name Linden was in fashion back in the 1960’s, its popularity has waned in the past couple of years. Might be time for a resurgence?

Who has this name? – Actor, Linden Ashby


7. Gale

If you're looking to give your child a name that exudes strength and power, consider Gale. In English, the name means 'storm' and 'lively'. You can also spell it Gayle, which is often the case if you're using it for a girl's name.

Who has this name? – Footballer, Gale Sayers


8. Brooke

The name Brooke means 'a river stream' and gets its inspiration from the traits of adaptability and smooth flow. The name is also commonly spelled Brook, mostly for girls. Other variations of the name are Brooklyn, Brookie, and Brooky.

Who has this name? – Actor, Brooke McCarter


9. Heron

Heron is the name of a water bird that has tall legs and a long beak. The name is a nod to the ancient Greek word heron, meaning 'hero'. It signifies an individual who has the capability of reaching great heights.

Who has this name? Saint Heron, Third Bishop of Antioch