Apparently, here are 10 baby names set to be extremely popular in 2020 1 month ago

Apparently, here are 10 baby names set to be extremely popular in 2020

We won't really know if these predictions came true until the official lists are ready sometime next year.

However, Netmums recently released their predictions for which baby names they think are going to top the popular lists for 2020. Inspired by trends, happening, celebrities and others – these names are, if nothing else, extremely 2020:

1. Ariana

Inspired by Ariana Grande, maybe, the name has been steadily been climbing the charts in the UK.

2. Archie

Harry and Meghan opted for this sweet moniker for their little heir, and although the name has been popular for quite some time, we bet it will be even more so now.

3. Nancy

Nancy is a lovely name that's definitely made a comeback, with help from Nancy in Netflix sci-fi drama Stranger Things.

4. Arthur

If you like the idea of naming your baby from a character in a TV show, we think Arthur (from Peaky Blinders) might be a good choice.

5. Billie

Singer Billie Eilish made history by becoming the youngest ever person to win Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

6. Bear

Baby-names based on animals isn’t a new thing, but Bear has only recently lumbered onto the scene. The original “Bear” is perhaps Bear Grylls who is best known for his survival show Man vs. Wild, but actresses Alicia Silverstone and Kate Winslet also both chose the name for their sons.

7. Eve

The hit TV show 'Killing Eve' might have inspired many parents to opt for this lovely moniker for their baby girl.

8. Bodhi

The name means “enlightenment” or “awakening” and has a Sanskrit origin, and might be suitable for any baby born as the world is waking up again from the coronavirus crisis.

9. Jasmine

The live-action Aladdin film from last year could serve as inspiration for parents, we think.

10. Ada

Ada is the youngest Shelby sibling in the show Peaky Blinders.