Baby Girl Names That Mean 'Strength' To Inspire Our Little Bad-Ass Girls 3 years ago

Baby Girl Names That Mean 'Strength' To Inspire Our Little Bad-Ass Girls

If ever there was a time to instill confidence, strength, and a little feminism into our little girls, it's oh-so-right now.

In light of the disappointing, heart-wrenching fact that misogyny, hatred, and fear won over common sense. That millions of people (and parents?!) in America think it's acceptable to send a message to our little girls that it's okay for a man to grab us by the p****y because he is powerful, it's okay for a man to tell women how to manage their reproductive rights, to give a message that women's lives are not valued, and it's okay for a man to so what he wants with your body.

Give your little baby girl a strong name that will ignite a strength in her that she will, unfortunately, need at all times in life to cut through the everyday sexism. As feminism jumps back decades, we need the women of the future to stand up and be strong:


Portuguese name meaning "one who possesses strength"


German name meaning "power, rule"


Scandinavian name meaning "beauty and strength"


German name meaning "strength"


Arabic name meaning "strength"


French name meaning "nobility, strength"


French name meaning "nobility, strength"


English name meaning "mild of strength"

English names meaning "nobility; strength"


French name meaning "strength, determination"


Hebrew name meaning "God's strength"


English names means "eternal life, strength, love, and beauty"

Got any super-strong names to add to this list, let us know in the comments.