Bella! 10 seriously sweet Italian baby girl names we are totally importing 3 years ago

Bella! 10 seriously sweet Italian baby girl names we are totally importing

Oh, Italy.

The home of pizza. Gelato. Espresso. And dolce vita by the bucketload.

And while there is no denying that the Italians know their way around food (oh God, the FOOD), it turns out they are also pretty darn great when it comes to naming their babies too.

It should come as no surprise, really, I mean; we are talking about generations of people with style literally running through their veins. If you have evern been, you'll know what we are talking about.

And if you don't believe us – just take a look at these seriously steal-worthy baby girl names we rooted out:

1. Adelina

This name is popular across many European countries, but has its roots in Italy. Adelina is a Latin variation of Adela, a name that dates back to the ancient Germanic element "adal," which means "noble."

2. Serena

There was Serena van der Woodsen, of course, but the name Serena is actually Italian in origian, and is derived from the word serene (calm, peaceful, tranquil).


3. Eleonora

The Italian version of the Greek moniker Helenē, (of Troy – remember?), which is said to mean 'light', 'torch' or 'bright'.

4. Alessia

This name has existed in various forms for centuries, and although popular in Italy today, it actually dates back to ancient Greece. Alessia, and other related names, are derived from the Greek word "alexo" which means "to defend, to help."

5. Viola

If you like flower names, we think you cannot beat Viola, a name that first caught on in the Middle Ages, and has remained popular in many countries, including Italy.

6. Caterina

Like Catherine, only far more chic.


7. Valentina

The feminine form of Valentine and really just a lovely sounding name, we think.

8. Luciana

Like many other popular Italian names, Luciana is also used in Spanish-speaking countries as well as Portugal, although its roots are very much It is said to come from the word "lux," which means "light."

9. Elena

Another version of a name that many claim comes from the Greek Helenē, and also now made popular by Disney, and their Elena of Avalor.

10. Margherita

Trust the Italians to come up with such a pretty version of the name Margaret. Also, ever hear of fashion heiress (and IT girl) Margherita Missoni?

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