This country has the most stunning baby names we've EVER heard (seriously) 5 months ago

This country has the most stunning baby names we've EVER heard (seriously)

How come we have never thought of it before?!

I mean; the Italians do EVERYTHING better. Coffee, pasta (perfectly al dente), Prosecco and fashion. Basically, you name it, the Italians are winning at it. So clearly it is only natural that they also are pretty AH-MAZING when it comes to naming their bonny little babies, no?

We set to work, and the results are in: Italian baby names are all sorts of ADORBS. Just read on and judge for yourself:

For your little boy


Massimo, an Italian version of Maximus, is a bold name that means “the greatest.” The name has been on the rise since the 1980s, and is a fun alternative to Maxwell.


Francesco has become mega-popular is Italy after Pope Francis was made head of the Catholic Church.


Orlando is the fancy Italian version of the name Roland. Also, there is the Orlando Bloom element...


For all you fashionista mamas... Also, the connection to St. Valentine is rather sweet!


Franco is the Italian version of Francis, and it means “free man.”


While Enzo is short for Lorenzo or Vincenzo, it is also believed that it could be an Italianized version of the name Heinz or even Henry. CUTE.


Matteo is the Italian version of the English name Matthew. Gaining huge popularity in Scandinavia, and we think it could totally do the same here!


Shakespeare published “Romeo and Juliet” in 1597 and the name is still an absolute classic. Also, Posh and Becks chose it, which clearly adds the cool factor too.


Leonardo is currently the most popular Italian boys name in the U.S. (Thanks, Leo!). The fact that the name means "brave lion" doesn't exactly make it any less amazing. We are hooked!


Alfredo is the authentically Italian version of the name Alfred. And don't go there about the pasta sauce, generate all your attention to the fact that you can call him "Alfie" for short, possibly the sweetest nickname ever.

baby girl names

For your little girl


Mariella is the beautiful Italian form of Mary, and means “wished-for child.”


The Italian version of Carmen is a classic Italian name.


Elena is an incredibly popular name of Italian origin that means “bright, shining light.”


Gianna is the female Italian version of the name John. Looking for a celeb stamp of approval? Matt Damon named his daughter Gianna, as did Kobe Bryant. There you go.


In the 1960s,  Teresa was all the rage, both in Italy and also back here on our shores. While its popularity has dipped, we are loving it once more, and just think of the cute "Tessa" nickname you can bestow upon your little lady.


Noemi is a beautiful, unique name that means “my delight.” In Italy, the name constantly ranks in the top 20 lists of popular baby names for girls.


Alessandra means “defender of men” and this warrior name is becoming more common outside of Italy than inside. Supermodel and Victoria Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio might have had something to do with this...


Lia is a pretty Italian name that likely stems from the name Rosalia or the Hebrew Leah. It means “bearer of good news,” excellent for a new baby girl.


Eliana is a beautiful name of both Italian and Portuguese origins. And we are loving the multiple short versions available, such as Ellie, Ana and Elle. Swoon!


Arianna, meaning chaste or holy, is one of the most popular names of Italian origin the world over, and we totally get why.

Grazie Italia! These are all SO gorge!

Tell us, would YOU go for an international name like any of these? Or do you prefer names that are a little "closer to home"? Join the conversation with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie