Due in March? 10 perfect names for your little Pisces baby 1 month ago

Due in March? 10 perfect names for your little Pisces baby

Are you waiting on a little March arrival?

In that case, you might be interested in names that celebrate the star sign he or she was born under.

For most of this month, it is Pisces that is the ruling sign, a water-sign known to possess qualities like being compassionate and intuitive and sensitive.

So how about a name that celebrates this star signs connection to water?

Water names are also often beautifully poetical. Water is, of course, the most important component of life. Our beautiful planet is mostly water. The rains, rivers, seas and oceans represent tranquillity – but also, at times they are so tenacious that they simply destroy everything that comes in their way.

Calm, but strong, in other words.

Below, we have rounded up 10 beautiful water-inspired baby names for your little March baby:

1. Ara

Arabic name said to mean 'brings rain.'


2. Como

Italian place name – Lake Como.

3. Isla

A beautiful name meaning 'island.'

4. Morgan

A Welsh name meaning ‘circling sea.’

5. Marlowe

The meaning of Marlow is ‘from the hill by the lake.’


6. Rio

The Spanish word for 'river' also makes a gorgeous moniker, no?

7, Rain

Gorgeous, soothing and connected to nature.

8. Tahoe

Beautiful lake between the states Calfornia and Nevada – and also a fab name, we think.

9. Llyr

Welsh name meaning 'sea.'

10. Cove

With a name like Cove, he is born to be a surfer – or something equally cool.