Due soon? The top autumnal baby girl names trending right now 1 year ago

Due soon? The top autumnal baby girl names trending right now

Expecting a little bundle of joy some time this month or next?

Exciting times!

You're probably gathering your favourite baby names ahead of your impending arrival but have you considered taking inspiration from the season we're in?

Autumnal names are currently trending on baby name website Bounty and we have to say we love the most popular ones.

Here are the top girls' names on the site right now, along with their meanings.



Originally from England, this derives from the word 'ash', as in the tree that turns golden in the autumn months.


This one's pretty obvious - it's a nod the the season of your baby's birth.


This evergreen tree symbolises honour and victory.


This refers to the rich red colour associated with autumn leaves. It was popularised by Scarlett O'Hara, the heroine in classic novel Gone With The Wind.


This is a Japanese name that combines the characters for the words ‘autumn’, ‘bright’ and ‘sparkle’.


A variant on Arielle or Aurelia, it means ‘golden’ in Latin


This comes from the tree of the same name. In Celtic times, hazelnuts represented wisdom and inspiration.


This means 'chestnut' in old German.


Inspired by the evergreen plant that flowers pink blossoms.


From the green plant that flourishes in shady places.