Elon Musk and Grimes can't name their baby X Æ A-12 due to California laws 4 months ago

Elon Musk and Grimes can't name their baby X Æ A-12 due to California laws

Not great news for the couple.

A lot of celebrities over the years have named their children very unusual names with everything from Apple to Stormi.

That being said I don't think any baby name has caused as much of a stir online as the name Elon Musk and Grimes chose for their newborn baby.

Yes, the name that the tech giant and musician decided upon for their son is X Æ A-12.

Since the tech giant revealed the name on Twitter there has been no end of speculation on how the name is actually pronounced.

After some research some suggested it actually wasn't that unusual at all and was actually Kyle (but spelt in a kind of code).

It seems that all this speculation was for nothing though as the couple have recently discovered that they can't actually name their baby X Æ A-12.

The reason for this being that it is it is against California law for symbols and numbers to be used in a name.

A family attorney also told People magazine;

"In California, you can only use the '26 characters' of the English language in your baby name. Thus, you can't have numbers, Roman numerals, accents, umlauts or other symbols or emojis. Although an apostrophe, for a name like 'O'Connor,' is acceptable."

This would mean that only the X A part of the child's name would be allowed on his birth certificate, making the name stranger if anything.

It's not currently known what the couple intend on doing, if they actually intended on naming their child X Æ A-12 at all.

Sometimes celebrities like to throw fans off by giving out a fake name which could be the case for the Musk Grimes baby.