Did you know THIS can predict if your child's name will become super trendy? 4 years ago

Did you know THIS can predict if your child's name will become super trendy?

Want to make sure your child doesn't end up being one out of five kids in his class in school with the same moniker?

We hear you – us too.

However, this can be a tricky one to predict. Because even if you pick a name at your child's birth which hardly anyone else has heard of or bestowed on their own kids, that situation could have changed in the five years or so between your child being born and them starting school.

Some names all of a sudden become mega-popular, while others fall down the most-used lists and disappear into obscuranc – at least for a while.

But while this, like many trends, might seem a little fickle and random, did you know there is actually a (scientifically proven) way to decode a name’s destiny to be popular? All you need to do is brush up on your maths skills a little.


Say hello to the 1:1 consonant to vowel ratio.

When a US researchers recently looked at the Social Security Administration’s annual list of most popular baby names, she discovered that names with the same number of vowels as consonants (i.e., names with one-to-one ratios of consonants to vowels) top the list.

What names might that be, we hear you ask. Well, for instance, the 1:1 ratio names include: Emma, Liam, Noah, Anna, Evelyn, Oliver, etc. In other words; all names that have enjoyed a rip-roaring success of late.

And this, guys, this is news if you want to avoid choosing a name that will soon be everywhere. Just count up your vowels and consonants and make sure they don't add up, and voila; you're onto a (non) winner.