Lockdown babies: Parents are opting for some very unique pandemic baby names 3 weeks ago

Lockdown babies: Parents are opting for some very unique pandemic baby names

2020 has – so far – been a year quite unlike any other.

Not only has the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work and learn and socialise and shop and pretty much do anything, but it turns out, it has also changed the way we name our children.

No, really.

According to a new study by channelmum.com "almost half (43 percent) of parents believe the pandemic will alter the way babies are named – and as many as seven percent of mums-to-be have already changed a name choice due to the pandemic."

For instance, the researchers found that names such as Corah, Corina and Rona, are all being ditched as many believe them to sound too much like Corona.

When it comes to what names people are going for instead, 70 percent of those asked said they liked the idea of virtue’ names, with Faith, Hope, Charity, Patience and Constance predicted to come back into fashion.

As many as 54 percent also said they would consider a rainbow colour name after the kids’ art trend in support of healthcare workers.

Popular picks include Iris, meaning Rainbow in Greek, alongside Indigo and Blue.

Other trends that emerged were for 'secure' names like Haven, as well as happy names such as Bliss, Joy, Blythe and Felicity for girls, alongside Pax and Sol for boys.

Speaking about the findings, channelmum.com's baby name expert SJ Strum said:

"Baby names reflect changing times and never more so than when the world is facing a catastrophe. The current crisis means parents are understandably stressed and anxious, so are using newborn's names to celebrate new life and joy. Positive names are a wonderful way to keep focusing on the future and means that the child knows their name has real meaning."