Looking for ideas? These are the 20 'happiest' baby names ever 1 month ago

Looking for ideas? These are the 20 'happiest' baby names ever

We totally get it.

Picking a name for your little one can be tough at the best of times: you want it to be unique, without being a moniker they end up having to spell out for the rest of their lives.

But you also don't want it to be so popular that they are sharing a name with half of their class once school time rolls around.

And then there's factoring things like sentimentality (do either you or your partner have a must-include moniker for your little one?), as well as the belief that the name a child is given determines their lot in life: how successful they will be; how rich they will become later in life; and now, how happy they will be.

At least, according to a psychologist.

Dr. David Holmes spoke to packmag.com [via The Sun] about the 20 names - male and female - that are typically the happiest on the planet.


1. Joshua

2. Jason

3. Matthew

4. Terry

5. Barry

6. Stan

7. Ian

8. Craig

9. Nigel

10. Christopher


1. Judy

2. Stephanie

3. Linda

4. Pam

5. Pat

6. Fiona

7. Paula

8. Susan

9. Isobel

10. Vicky

He also revealed the other end of the list - the ones that are, according to the study, seen to be as the most "unhappy" names.

They are...


1. Ben

2. Andrew

3. Edward

4. Tim

5. Owen

6. Bob

7. Dennis

8. Ray

9. Alfie

10. Jeremy


1. Lynn

2. Charlotte

3. Tina

4. Amy

5. Tara

6. Sam

7. Alex

8. Tanya

9. Jessica

10. Olivia