Lottie Ryan says she was "a little freaked out" when Kylie Jenner picked her baby name 1 year ago

Lottie Ryan says she was "a little freaked out" when Kylie Jenner picked her baby name

"She's got great taste."

Kylie Jenner changing her baby boy's name is apparently a welcome relief to many.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister announced she and Travis Scott had named their son Wolf last month, a move that made Lottie Ryan "a little freaked out".

The radio presenter and her husband Fabio Aprile welcomed their first child last June, giving him the unique name.

But with Kylie's announcement last month, the name began trending, and the likelihood of more little Wolfs joining the global pack shot up.

Lottie told the Irish Mirror how she was caught off-guard by the cosmetics mogul choosing the same name for her son.

"My sister sent it to me. And my reaction was like, what are the bloody chances? I mean, come on, what are the chances?" she said. "She obviously has very good taste, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was very relieved that I got there eight months before.

"Because let's be honest, if she had gotten there before me, I probably would have been putting up with people saying to me, ‘ah you copied Kylie Jenner.'"

The RTE star, who said she loved the "bloody cool name" for her son, feared Kylie's use of the name would popularise it.


“I was a little bit freaked out initially," she admitted. "Because I obviously love the fact that it's a very unique name.

“And you know, now somebody very famous has used it. But she's got great taste in names!"

Well, Wolf Aprile has one less name twin to worry about as Wolf Webster is no longer the name of Kylie's son.

The reality star announced she and Travis had changed the child's name as it "really didn't feel like it was him".

The name change is likely to also come as a relief to Australian influencer (and former Kar-Jenner family friend) Tammy Hembrow, who seemingly wasn't impressed at Kylie picking the same name as her eldest child.

After Kylie announced her baby boy's name, Tammy took to Instagram to upload a snap of herself and her son captioned "My Wolf". When a fan on TikTok later suggested a name for her unborn third child, the pregnant model replied "Actually liking the name Stormi atm".

Meanwhile, musician Wolf Van Halen expressed his delight at reclaiming his unique name by quote tweeting an article on Kylie's change of heart with the caption "THANK F**K".