Mum asks what baby name combos to avoid and the results are hilarious 1 year ago

Mum asks what baby name combos to avoid and the results are hilarious

It all started out so innocently.

A mum posted on Essential Baby asking about baby name combinations, more specifically which ones would people avoid.

While it began as a fairly straightforward question some of the responses have been hilarious.

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The mum posted to the popular forum

"Out of interest, what is your opinion.

If your favourite first name for a child combined with your surname were to be the name of a well known celebrity or a business, would you still use it? Or is it setting the child up to be mocked? example Harvey" + surname "Norman"

It's a pretty fair question giving that a child's surname will make a difference to their first name, which you have taken a long time perfectly choosing.

The suggestions started out fairly light with one poster commenting


"I always think it best to stay away from names that form a sentence fragment. For example, Crystal does not pair well with the surnames Waters or Glass. Stormy Waters isn't good either."

This was something that came up last year when I was pregnant. My husband's surname is Moore so I knew we couldn't use a first name that was also the name of an action.

He had a relative on his mum's side called Carrie and while we both liked the name there was no way we could get away with Carrie Moore.

Soon the thread started to get a little feistier though and some were downright rude.

"Do not use Jenna if you want Tahlia as a middle name."

"Mike Hunt best avoided I think. "

"Wayne Kerr was one I did giggle over once when writing cheques."

"Ben Dover and Phil McCracken"

Well, that escalated quickly.

So what do you think?

Are there names you should avoid combining with certain surnames or would you go with a first name regardless of how it sounded with your last name?