There is a new post-pandemic baby name trend happening – and we love it 1 year ago

There is a new post-pandemic baby name trend happening – and we love it

Lads – we have lived through a flippin' pandemic.

It's crazy when you say it out loud, isn't it?

And while much of life as we know has been totally different these past 18 months, some things have kept going as pe normal. Such as babies being born. Pregnant women up and down the land – and, indeed, across the globe. have kept on making, growing and birthing babies – and it turns out, being born during a pandemic means your parents might have put some extra thought and care into your name.

Several large baby name sites are reporting seeing definite shifts in name selection the past few months – and we like where this is going.

Having lived through some seriously dark months and weeks, in a world on lockdown, parents are now feeling like they want to embrace hope, positivity and light with the names they pick for their newborns.

'Virtue' names instilling hope are gaining popularity, as are names inspired by rainbows – in honour of rainbows becoming a symbol of hope during the pandemic.

Happy names are trending, as are also heroic-themed names, honouring the bravery of key workers throughout the crisis, including the name Florence for its link with the Nightingale hospitals.

In need of some inspiration? Here are just some of the names parents are loving for their post-pandemic babies:

1. Alma


2. Zuri

3. Hero

4. Honor

5. Avery

6. Faith

7. Pax

8. Joy

9. Harbour

10. Haven

11. Iris

12. Indigo