The number one baby girl name in the entire world is a classic choice 1 year ago

The number one baby girl name in the entire world is a classic choice

A classic choice for a baby girl. 

If you are currently expecting a baby girl, you might be still trying to decide what to call her once she arrives.

But if you are a fan of going against the grain and are on the lookout for a name no-one else has ever heard of, you might want to just stop reading now, as this isn't for you.

But if you want a name for your little princess that is very much tried-and-tested, and loved for its beauty and elegance around the globe, then we reckon you will love this – the absolute most popular and common girl's name in the world.

Sofia – and variations of it, like Sophia.


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According to Live Science, baby name suggestion website are the folks behind the research on this. Expert in the field Laura Wattenberg, who compiled the information, discovered Sofia/Sophia came top of the female baby name lists in nine of the countries she analysed - including Italy, Russia and Mexico. It comes in second or third place in a further 20 regions.

As to why this moniker is so incredibly popular, Wattenberg thinks its meaning, "wisdom", could be one of the reasons so many parents choose it for their baby girl. Another reason is that you can pronounce it in a range of languages. "It just blew me away that so many different languages and cultures would arrive at the same sound at the same time," the baby name expert told Live Science.

Tell us – do YOU have a little Sophia at home?