The reason Coleen Rooney named her son Cass is SO sweet 6 months ago

The reason Coleen Rooney named her son Cass is SO sweet


Coleen and Wayne Rooney welcomed their fourth son back in February.

The couple broke family tradition by naming their new son Cass - because their three other sons have names beginning with a K.

Like the male, English version of the Kardashians.

Recently, the doting mum spoke with HELLO! about her reason for changing things up with the letter C.

"I've always liked the name Cassius and I had thought about calling one of my other sons that and Cass for short," Coleen explained.

"And I do like short names and Cass is quite strong. And when I was looking into the name in the name book, it was spelt with a 'K' as well."

coleen rooney

"But with a 'K' it meant blackbird, but with a 'C' one of the meaning was clever. And with Klay it could have been with a 'C' but I thought it looked stronger with a 'K'".

Coleen also spoke the family move to America, where Wayne has recently signed a contract with Washington DC.

"It’s a massive thing for us. I am going there for the first time this week and it will be good to sort a house and school and everything so once that is done I think it will be really exciting for us."

Good luck in the States guys!