The most stunning baby names inspired by Irish folklore and mythology 3 months ago

The most stunning baby names inspired by Irish folklore and mythology

Looking for something unique?

Then look no further. Taking inspiration from legends, ancient stories and mythical gems, we divulge into the roots of Irish tales to bring you a selection of 10 baby names inspired by the very best of Irish folklore and mythology.

With explanations for the origin and meaning behind each name, these are both unique and rooted in the past - giving you a very special name, for a very special little one.

So put those thinking caps on and start jotting down potentials as we list out 10 beautiful baby names.

Means "fair lady" in Irish. This name is rooted in Irish mythology, used to describe the goddess of childbirth.

Meaning "fair locks", this name was also given to the Irish goddess of inspiration.

In Irish folklore, Fiachra was one of the four children of Lir transformed into swans for a period of 900 years. It is derived from Fiach meaning raven.

From the Irish word Mór Ríoghain meaning "great queen". In Irish tales, Morrigan was a goddess of war and death - who often took the form of a crow.


Means "little deer", coming from the Irish word os which means "deer". In one of the most famous Irish legends, Oisín was a warrior hero and the son of Fionn mac Cumhail.

Means "born of the sea". In Irish legend this was the name of a woman who was transformed into a mermaid. After 300 years she was brought to shore, baptized, and transformed back into a woman.

Means "man of vigour", derived from the Irish words fear "man" and gus "vigour". This name comes from the Irish legend and Ulster hero Fearghas mac Róich.

Irish God associated with both love and poetry.

Lover of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, she spend three years transformed into a doe for refusing the love of a dark druid.

Means "beauty" from the Gaelic word aoibh. In Irish legends Aoife was a warrior princess.