Stunning Baby Names That Mean Hope And Strength (For The Week That's In It!) 5 years ago

Stunning Baby Names That Mean Hope And Strength (For The Week That's In It!)

Things are in flux. 

Donald Trump will be the Leader of the Free World in just a few short hours.

There has never been a more turbulent global political landscape - and in these rocky times, we all need a little more hope and strength in the world.

These are also qualities that we want to instill in our little baby boys and girls.

Pregnancy is a hugely hopeful time where everything is shiny and new. So we have put together a list of baby names that are pure and elegant to reflect all the hopes and dreams you have for your little newbie.

1. Hope

A classic name that is hard to corrupt with nicknames. Hope is one of three theological virtues along with Faith and Charity and was first used in the seventeenth century by Puritans.  We love this pretty name that is strong as well as sweet.

2. Von

Von is Norse for hope. A noble name that is as fresh as it is unusual.


3. Axel

A German name for your little boy - it means 'father of peace'. It has a celebrity following too as Will Ferrell and Tiger Woods chose this name for their sons. It is also apt for your future rock star as Guns n Roses drummer Axel Rose rocked this strong, yet badass moniker.

4. Valentina

This adorable girls name means strength and health. It is the Latin variation of Valentine so often associated with love. It is also my daughter's middle name. Perfection.

5. Oz

This Hebrew name means strength. It is super cool and can be changed to Ozzie, Osborn or Oswald. A flexible solid name for your little man.

6. Ethan

Ethan means strong or firm of character. A personality trait that is brilliant for your son as a man but perhaps a little difficult when he is refusing to get into his car seat as a toddler.


7. Nadia

This is a sweet Russian name that means hope for your tiny tot. It is just enough exotic to be cool but not too 'out there' We also like the idea of shortening it to Dia.

8. Kenzo

This stylish Japanese boys name means strength and health - variations of it include the popular Kenzie which means 'wise leader' perfect for the times we find ourselves in!

9. Aurora

The goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew. This stunning name is also ideal for your little sleeping beauty made famous by the Disney cartoon of the same name. It is also the name for the awesome Northern Lights. We see this name booming in popularity in the coming years. Radiant and perfect for a new dawn.

10. Paxton

This unisex name comes from Pax which means 'a peaceful place' It is originally from the Latin from peace.

What other names do you like for your little cutie? Send us in your suggestions!