Baby names

While your chances of having twins could be quite low, you could still use these names for siblings of different ages.

The reason we’ve called them twin baby names is that they do sort of complement each other and some of them belong to real-life or literary/onscreen twins.

Introducing, just a few of our favourite twin baby name combinations…

Ella and Emma

Sophia and Sam

Hannah and Noah

Zoe and Zachary

Charlotte and Lydia

Faith and Hope


Emily and Ethan

Fred and George


Ava and Aoife

Jack and Jenny

Lily and Lottie

Parker and Christopher


Chloe and Connor

Viola and Sebastian

Charlie and Poppy

Hallie and Annie


Do you or someone close to you have twins? Let us know what they're called in the Facebook comments or on Twitter (@HerFamilydotie).

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