3 super-easy way to give your mum-bun a stylish upgrade for summer 3 years ago

3 super-easy way to give your mum-bun a stylish upgrade for summer

Aside from the much-talked-about (and frequently rocked by so many of us) mum bun, I think we can all agree that a fairly basic ponytail is our second favourite 'do' for those days when there aren't enough time (or will) to do something different and more polished with our hair.

Which, you know, is pretty much every day, really.

However, a ponytail can be so many things –and super-cool at that, it might just need a tiny litte tweak from the way you normally wear yours.

Enter these three could-not-be-easier tricks we all need to have up our sleeves, that will no doubt ensure some serious 'did she get her hair done?!' envy from all your mama friends:

1. Add a headscarf

Adding a little bit and style and interest to your loose and romanic ponytail could not be easier. Just pick a scarf you love (a bit of pattern is great), tie around the base of your pony, and voila; you are good to go.

(Image via Pinterest)

2. The upgraded ponytail


Just gather your hair into a ponytail, secure with an elastic band, then take a strand of hair from the pony and wrap it around your hair elastic, then secure with a bobby pin – concealing it in the base of the ponytail.

(Idea via Pinterest)

3. The easy braid

Create a low, loose ponytail and secure with a small elastic. Above the elastic, create an opening in the middle, then grab ponytail and feed over and through the middle, pulling it out on the bottom. A few inches down, do another ponytail, then repeat the steps and pull it through again. Keep going until you run out of hair or you are happy with how it looks.

(Image and idea via Bellamumma.com)