These magical new bath bombs will reveal your Hogwarts house 1 year ago

These magical new bath bombs will reveal your Hogwarts house

*Harry Potter voice: "Not Slytherin, not Slytherin, anything but Slytherin."

There are two types of people in the world. People who have given serious thought to what Hogwarts house they'd be sorted into, and desperate liars.

If, for some reason, you're on the fence about which house you'd be sorted into, then fear not, as you can now determine where you belong via bath bomb.

EquinoxBeauty are selling sorting hat bath bombs for £7 (€8.30) on Etsy, and it certainly seems like a practical way to indulge your inner Potterhead.

Each bomb has a white exterior, but when you pop it into a warm bath, it fizzes unveiling the colour of your Hogwarts house, as well as a unique scent.

If the bomb turns your bathwater red, it means you've been sorted into Gryffindor, and the fragrance of apple and cinnamon will be released.

If it turns blue, then you'd be right at home in Ravenclaw House.


If the bath bomb turns out to be yellow, then you've been sorted into Hufflepuff House - and you also get to enjoy an apple scented bath.

If your bomb turns the water green, then, you've guessed it, you're a Slytherin head. On the plus side, you do get to enjoy a lovely mandarin, lime and basil bath, so you win some, you lose some.

Of course, if you already know what house you're in, you can order that one specifically. However, if you want to be surprised, simply select 'Random' on your order, and you'll find out come bath time.

If the reviews are anything to go by, EquinoxBeauty's bath bombs are bound to make a splash (sorry) in any Harry Potter fan's life.

One person wrote: "The sorting hat bath bomb arrived quickly and was beautifully wrapped in Harry Potter paper. My niece loved it!"

Another said: "My little girl loved this bath bomb, she was so happy it turned red. The bath bomb smelt fab too."

You can nab your own bath bomb right here.