As a busy mum on the go these are my seven beauty handbag must-haves 4 years ago

As a busy mum on the go these are my seven beauty handbag must-haves

Being a busy mum often means getting ready on the go.

There have been many a day when I've had to do my make up on the bus into work or have had to redo my hair and makeup on arrival after being caught in the rain.

It can be hard to know what to pack in your handbag on a day to day basis but I've found that these seven products have me covered in all situations.

1.Tangle Teezer

Having hair that is prone to frizz I always need to have a good brush in my bag and none works better for me than my Tangle Teezer.

It gently loosens tangles and smoothes your locks giving your hair a healthy sheen without causing any breakage or damage.

They also come in a wide variety of designs to suit every mum whatever your style may be.

2.Travel Size Deodorant

This is an absolute must-have.


I don't know how many times I've been stuck in a jam after dashing for the bus or as is the way with Ireland getting caught out wearing a heavy jumper and coat only for the weather to suddenly turn gorgeous.

Mini deodorant has been my saviour in these situations, also if you get one with a lovely scent it can double as a perfume in a pinch.

3.CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion

I have combination skin so it can be tricky to find a moisturiser that's just the right balance but CeraVe's facial moisturising lotion is my absolute favourite.

As well as being incredibly hydrating it also contains SPF 25 to help protect your skin from the sun. Most dermatologists recommend wearing an SPF on your face every day so with CeraVe you get a two in one.

4.Isadora Stretch Lash Mascara

Isadora is one of those go-to brands for me. It was great when I was a student on a budget and is still a brand I go back to now because I just really like their products.

As someone with really fair eyelashes, I'm a big fan of their Stretch Lash mascara as it has a brush that extends in size with a simple twist of the handle. Great for getting absolutely every single lash.


5.Isadora Light-Up Concealer

Another Isadora product that I absolutely can't leave home without is their twistable light-up concealer.

My skin is quite translucent, especially under my eyes, so like most tired mums concealer is a must.

Isadora's light-up concealer helps to get rid of any blemishes or under eye circles while also giving you a healthy dewy glow which I think we could all do with when we're sleep deprived.

6.Sleek Brow Kit

If I don't fill in my eyebrows I end up looking like Mona Lisa.

My brows are incredibly fair so I always like to have a little brow kit handy and Sleek's brow kit is my absolute favourite.

Sleek is another budget brand that I go back to time and time again but the main reason I love their brow kit is that it contains everything you need, including a mirror, so you really can do your brows on the go.

7.Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint

Lipstick or gloss on the go can be tricky but I've found that products such as Clinique's chubby sticks make it a lot easier.

Because the colour is a little bit sheerer than a traditional lipstick it's a safer bet to apply without the aid of a mirror but still gives you a nice pop of colour.