You can use this genius beauty buy in AT LEAST 10 different ways 4 years ago

You can use this genius beauty buy in AT LEAST 10 different ways

Want to pack light(er) when heading off on your holidays later this year?

Well, then we cannot recommed NUXE Huile Prodigieuse enough. This dry oil, which is a bit of a cult product in the beauty world, is a total multitasker that will lend its shine and nourishment to both your hair, face and body – and then some.

Meaning, of course, that you can ditch a whole bunch of other products you would have normally brought with you and instead just bring this little golden bottle.

Don't believe the hype? You should. Here are, in fact, ten different ways to use this delicious-smelling oil:

1. Mix a drop of it into your normal day cream

This will give your the most glowing complexion of your life. Warning: Being this luminous is rather addicitve.

2. Use as a highlighter

Dab a drop or two onto your cheek bones for a more sculpted look.


3. Use to highlight your sexiest features

Try adding a little bit of the oil to your collar bone, shoulders or even legs if you are wearing a short skirt – the shimmer will draw attention to whatever area you apply it to.

4. Use in your hair

Tame frizz, add some shine and nourish your hair, you name it, this product does it.

5. Use it in the bath

Add a couple of drops to the bath water for the silkiest, most luxurious bath experience.

6. Use it as massage oil

Not only are massages lovely in the first place, but it will be even better when done with this deliciously scented oil.


7. Mix it into your aftersun cream

Not only will this make your aftersun lotion glide on even smoother and really sink into your skin, it will also help give you a more golden glow.

8. Treat your cuticles

Dry and ragged cuticles? Dry massaging them with a couple of drops of NUXE Huile Prodigieuse.

9. Use as hair mask

Hair in tatters from the sun? Apply some of this oil to your damp hair, wrap a warm towel around it and let it work for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and wash as normal.

10. Use as lip gloss

Make your lips kissably soft (and oh-so glossy) with a drop or two of dry oil.

Have you got any great and multi-tasking beauty buys we should know about? Send me an e-mail at and let us in on your secret