Dry shampoo is a life-saver, but are you actually using yours correctly? 2 years ago

Dry shampoo is a life-saver, but are you actually using yours correctly?

There is no denying that dry shampoo is the ultimate strand saver, and a total handbag staple for most of us.

Whether you find yourself reaching for the bottle on a busy-morning where there is no hope of catching a shower, after a sweaty spinning session or just to extend the life of that blow-dry you paid €30 for, we bet you didn't know that just a few simple tweaks can make your dry shampoo work even harder for you.

To sort a woman out, we have gathered some of the best and cleverest dry shampoo hacks that beauty blogger and style editors alike are harping on about.


Not yet a dry shampoo fan? These easy tips and tricks just may make you a convert:

1. Spray strategically

While it can seem like all you have to do is spray at the roots and away you go when it comes to dry shampoo, the fact is that correct application will yield you better results.

Start with spending a couple of minutes to ensure you have hit the root area all over your head, not just at the part or crown. The easiest way to do this is to take a two-inch section of hair and spray at the underside of the roots. Repeat with another two-inch section until you’ve covered your whole head. Hold the can at least three inches away from your head while spraying to ensure that you don’t over-saturate your hair with too much product.

2. Get your fingers dirty

Well, not dirty as such, but when it comes to dry shampoo, you need to get in there and use your fingers for the best effect. Using your fingertips, massage the dry shampoo into your hair. By working the product into the scalp, where it can fully absorb oil and grime, you’re getting maximum work out of your quick fix shampoo.


3. Use it at night

Most of us wake up and put dry shampoo on as part of our getting ready routine in the morning, but according to those in the know, getting into the habit of applying it at night, before you hit the hay, will change everything. As in, even if your hair still feels clean, mist it along your roots anyway; this preemptive move allows the product to sop up any excess oil as it’s produced, minimizing the likelihood that you’ll wake up with greasy hair.

4. Be patient

While you should always finish by brushing through your hair to help distribute any leftover product (too much can make hair look matte and flat), resist the urge to start brushing immediately post-spraying. What you should be doing, is waiting a full two minutes in order to allow the dry shampoo enough time to do its thing (i.e. soak up the oil).

5. Emergency Save

If you have made the mistake of putting too much dry shampoo in your hair (it's easily done!), just blow-dry it a little bit. Also, once you’ve massaged it into your hair, don’t touch your hair! Your fingers will make it greasy.


6. Use the right brush

For optimum effect when you use dry shampoo, experts claim you should be using a bristle brush, as this helps work the formula in better.

7. Use it to boost volume or hold hair grips in place too

Did you know that dry shampoo isn't just good for hiding your greasy roots? Nope, this spray-on magic worker is also great if your hair is a little on the "flat" side, and will work wonders if you are rocking an up-do and need your bobby pins to stay put for the day.