Feel your hair is always greasy? It could be due to these five factors 1 year ago

Feel your hair is always greasy? It could be due to these five factors

Do you find your hair goes greasy too soon after showering?

I often feel I hardly get a day out of my hair before I start to notice the grease creeping back, making my hair not only oily but limp and my confidence abysmal.

If you're like me then don't fret, as there could be a very easy fix to the solution and it could be down to just three things you're doing wrong.

What products do you use?

First of all, the shampoo and conditioner you use is an important one to note. Are you just grabbing whatever is in the shower tray or are you going out to purchase products specific to your own scalp?

Well, according to Iain Sallis, founder of Hairmedic and trichologist, you should start buying specific shampoos and AVOID products with the label "dry", "damaged", "smoothing" or "glossy."

"They may all just be coating the hair in a fine film, which is good for what it states, but not good if your hair is prone to looking greasy," he told Glamour.



How are you using them?

Do you put your conditioner all the way up to your roots? It should only be applied mid to ends. Use a tangle or wet brush to rid any stubborn knots at the top of your head while leaving your scalp product-free.

What are you eating?

What's in your diet is important for EVERYTHING. Your diet is the key to healthy skin, good teeth, a lean physique, a strong heart, you name it. But a diet with a lot of oil can cause your hair to become greasy quicker. So, if you notice a lot of products with an oily base, try to avoid them or at least cut-down, instead, eat more fruit and veg.

Are you a runner?

Guilty of playing with or running your hands through your hair? Bad idea. In the same way you're supposed to not touch your face unless with freshly-washed hands, you should avoid touching your scalp or roots to stop any oils or dirt transferring to your hair.

How often are you washing?

And lastly, how often do you wash your hair? This will be a lazy girls' dream because guess what, every day isn't good. Yes, the cleaner your hair is, the easier it is for oils and products to seep into your glands causing your hair to become greasier. Once you begin to cut back on washing your hair so often, you'll notice a huge difference, trust us.