Three hairstyles that take less than ten minutes in the morning 4 years ago

Three hairstyles that take less than ten minutes in the morning

Because none of us love mornings.

If you're anything like me, getting up in the morning is violent.

Honestly, I will do anything to get extra sleep, even if it's just ten minutes of shut-eye.

However, it's an absolute miracle if we manage to find the time to do something with our hair.

Yes, it can be tricky to make yourself look presentable when you're in a loving relationship with your bed.

Tricky, but not impossible.

Here are three hairstyles that you can whip up in less than ten minutes.

Because who has the time?



1. A sleek ponytail

This is particularly handy if you don't feel like washing your hair (we all have those days!)

All you have to do is lash it up into a high ponytail, scraping every little hair you can.

Then, weirdly, grab an unused toothbrush, and work it like a tiny little comb. It will create that gorge, slicked-back look.

Grab a strand of hair from your lovely ponytail, and wrap it around your bobbin; pin it baby.

Finish off with some hairspray, and go get it!

2. The "20 second" up-do


For something a little different, why not try an updo? No, I'm not talking about the kind of look you had for your debs in 2008.

I'm talking classic simplicity!

Follow this HANDY little visual by A Simple Pantry, and you'll never look back.


3. This amazing curling hack.

Okay, stay with me here.

I absolutely hate curling my hair... it just takes a bloody lifetime.

However, I recently discovered a curling hair hack, and it is pure gold.

All you have to do is put your hair up in a ponytail, separate in two, and curl those bits.

Then, when you take your hair down - BAM - stunning curls for the day ahead.

Now, you go and enjoy a few extra minutes in bed.